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How do I get credit for my rent payments?

How do I get credit for my rent payments? You can now, read on...

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Written By (Owner and Broker). Created on 11/03/2015.


If you're a renter, your largest monthly expense is probably your rent payment. Yet you don't build your credit score by paying your rent on time. You can be penalized on your credit report for a rental eviction but you aren't rewarded for being a responsible renter and making your rent payments. This puts you at a disadvantage because you're not building credit with a major monthly expense. Homeowners build their credit score by paying their mortgage. It's time you build your credit score by paying your rent.

Why Rental Kharma?
  • Build Your Credit Score with Rent - Add a new trade line to your credit report that demonstrates your on-time rent payment history and your credit worthiness.
  • Get Credit for Your Last 2 Years of Rent Today - Add up to 24 months of on-time rent payment history to your credit report today. Exclusive offer you can't find anywhere else!
  • Build Credit without Going into Debt - By building your credit score with rent you don't have to worry about interest payments or falling into debt and financial trouble.

So if you are renting your home or apartment now, reach out to Donna Joerling at 314.808.1712 and sign up today for rental karma.  Just another way to build your credit file and work toward higher credit scores by being smart and financially fit with your finances.

Looking to also get your credit restoration started?  Talk with Donna about doing that as well.

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