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Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 06/13/2013.


EVERYONE WANTS AND LOVES A PAYDAY, how do you make it your PAYDAY when selling your home?

There are important issues to discuss and be open to when you work with your professional full time real estate broker.  The first thing I like to do when I sit down at a listing presentation is get to know the people who own the home, get to know the home, determine the real VALUE of the home, and then see if we can determine the best way to market and stage the home for sale.  It takes a team of the seller(s) and the broker to sell the home.

Selling a home is about determining the VALUE of the home so you can price it to sell not just to list.  Listing property is no fun. SELLING property is fun because everyone gets a PAYDAY.

Just because you have invested $55,000 in your home's kitchen does not mean that the market will support the full costs of that kitchen improvement, it may be more like $10,000 to $15,000.  Of course, having a modern kitchen will definitely attract a buyer and perhaps have them chose your home over another, but it may not make up the investment you have in costs.

Explaining that to my sellers is one of the most difficult parts of this job, but those honest  conversations are important and having the seller on board with the setting of the price is critical.  If it is a couple selling the house, BOTH of you need to be on board not just with the pricing but committed and motivated to SELL THE HOUSE.

I compare listing a house to a piece of bread lying on the cupboard.  If you take a loaf of fresh home made bread out of the oven, slice it into pieces, and then place a freshly baked piece of bread on the counter, it is very palatable and people would be anxious to buy it and taste it.  That same piece of bread after several hours, several days and months of lying out on the proverbial market counter top then becomes old, crusty and even moldy.  No one wants to eat or nibble on that bread then.  Use that same concept with a house that goes on the market, it is fresh and clean and ready to sell BUT it is priced too HIGH.  There it goes, getting old, crusty and not attractive to buyers.  Buyers will think there is something wrong with it, even if there is not.

So when we discuss the marketing and sale of your house, remember that I get PAID when WE CREATE A PAYDAY

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