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Shoes of a woman Realtor®

Shoes of a woman Realtor®

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 05/10/2013.


Women's Council of Realtors® and what it means for my clients

I am the 2013 State President for the Missouri Chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors®.  In that role, I get to meet with and coach other leaders in real estate that are managing their local chapters of Women's Council all across the State of Missouri.  What does that mean to my clients?  You get a whole state, actually nation of information, ideas, out of the box thinking, good energy and professional coaching all in one person, ME.  As I travel across the nation to our two national meetings, one in Mid Year at Washington DC and one in November, this year in San Francisco, I have the privilege of sitting in four or five days of back to back training sessions on various topics in our real estate industry.

Those topics may be something as common as using technology to market your listings, or they may be meeting with our legislatures to make sure they stay OUT OF OUR BUSINESS when it comes to such items as them trying to reduce or eliminate homeowner's tax benefits and interest deductions on homeownership.  Regardless, the knowledge, years of hands on experience, fortitude of some of the women and men that are members of this great organization is vast.  So vast, that my head is usually spinning when I return from one of these trips full of so much I want to DO to make my business grow. 

My clients, well, simply stated,  you  all get the advantage of that information when you hire me as your Realtor®.  This network of highly trained,self motivated agents and brokers is a resource as well for when I might get stumped on what to do with a particular situation.  Having this available to me as a small independent real estate brokerage house makes me smarter than the average bear and bigger than it might appear. 

Let's talk business in the next few days and see what you have in mind for real estate purchases or real estate sales.  I am always willing to listen to my clients and my future clients. 

Now put on your dancing shoes and listen to our 2010 video of GET READY, still very appropriate today.  Donna 314.808.1712

Women's Council of REALTORS® video 

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