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Wrong or right? Trust your REALTOR not Zillow

The Zillow website is using statistical information not always provided by a reliable and LOCAL service.  National statistics and regional statistics may be used in their formula.  Many of our local communities are non-disclosure counties which means the sales price of property is not always given to the local assessor's office.  Some counties are required to report, but not all, so no one knows for sure the formula and figures that go into these estimating modules.


Computing the real value of real estate is what we do as professional REALTORS®.  We know the community and the neighborhoods and have accurate data compiled from local sales recorded by licensed real estate brokers in the local MLS Multiple Listing Service.  


The short answer is, use a professional agent from The Joerling Group to give you a fair estimate of value based on an internal and external hands on inspection of your real estate house, land or commercial site.

Anytime we throw figures around on sites such as Zillow, you are taking unnecessary risks with your overall value of either a home you are going to sell or one you are anticipating purchasing.

The Joerling Group